11 Amazing Halloween Real Estate Ideas for marketing in 2022

by Cameron Douglas
Halloween decorations

1. Brand the candy to give out to trick-or-treaters
When the children come to your door, give away candy with branded wrappers containing your information or attach a business card to the wrapper.
2. Arrange for a haunted open house.
Use Halloween decorations around the house and let people come out and engage in some spooky activities as they tour inside the house. Give away some gifts and let prospects fill in some forms.
3. Bring a food truck out to the community.
Amid the so many chaoses for Halloween, you can decide to do something different. You can hire a food truck and make sure that you share your information with anyone who comes along ordering. People will remember this when they need to hire a realtor.
4. Donate costumes to those that cannot afford them.
You can partner with, say, a school within your locality and convince friends to bring over some costumes. Introduce a draw and maybe announce the winner on a social media page later. You will be doing something positive with this, and you will be paid back with equal generosity.Halloween decorations
5. Organize a costume networking event.
This can be arranged in a local business such as a bar or any other. Encourage people to be dressed in their favorite costumes and ask them to vote for the best costume. You can arrange a prize for the winner. Bidding in a silent auction is also another way to go about it.
6. Offer your neighbors a hayride around the farm.
You can let people know that you are offering a free ride on a trailer or truck on Halloween night. You can announce this early or erect a sign or even a door hanger. Give people the freedom to get on and alight at a point of their choosing. A well-organized ride will be perfect, and your neighbors will remember you when in need of a realtor.
7. Arrange for a campfire event.
Some of the invited guests would be possible customers, and you can therefore use this moment to eliminate fears of home buying.
8. Plan a scary homebuying event.
This event won’t be like a common seminar which would otherwise drive people away. The theme of the event will make the experience worth remembering, and I am sure there are so many ideas for making it spooky.
9. Make interesting door hangers and attach some candy.
Make some amazing Halloween-related door hangers and tag the entire community.
10. Have people come over for a trunk-or-treat event.
This is a fun event in your backyard where people bring their cars or trucks. As kids move along with trick-or-treating, you can have agents hand out branded candy or small gift packs containing a business card.
11. Arrange for a pumpkin weight or count contest.
As people come closer to guessing the weight of a pumpkin or the number of smaller pumpkins in a container, you can engage in a helpful conversation.


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