5 P’s Of Marketing – Major Marketing Factor

by Cameron Douglas
Major Marketing Factor

Running a business is not possible without marketing or functions of marketing based on the 5 P’s, so know about the 5 P’s or study how they work.


For a successful business, it’s essential to gain profit or its possible when your products or services are known in the market so firstly you have to introduce your product or services in the market, in other words, activities which company do for buying and selling of their product and services in the market is called marketing.

Major Marketing Factor

There are so many ways to do marketing you can do it the traditional way or for a good result you can do it through digital marketing we can say marketing is the only way that turns any business into a brand so it is an essential part of each organization or even for a startup company after all this marketing also has some major factors which make marketing of effective.


One of the best concepts of marketing includes the 5 p’s – product, price, place, promotion, or people, that concept was introduced in 1940 at that time only 4p were announced after some time people were also included in major factors of marketing then it’s known as 5 Ps.


Role Of 5 P’s In Marketing

The main factors of marketing’s 5 P’s of product, price, place, promotion, or people, and its essential in creating a successful marketing organization, The marketing mix is the strategy and tactics which helps in reaching to your target market.


  • Product

Product is counted in the development activity it depends on the quality of the product, for example, high-quality products like watches, and mobile phones this product needs proper research before launching whereas daily routine product manufacturing focus on the need or demand of the consumer.


  • Price

Price is one of the most important factors in marketing, in planning firstly manager decides the cost of a product and marketing price decides as per product cost or the price of the competitor so you can promote your product or service at the right price point.


  • Promotion

Promotion is the only way to introduce your product to the market product, promotion helps in increasing the visibility, reach, and credibility of your r product. You can do it by advertising, public relations etcetera. It’s important to choose the right method that will work best for your business. The key to promotion is to set your budget and timeline when making decisions about promotion.

Major Marketing Factor

  • People

People are a major factor in marketing and it is most important that you treat them well. by crafting stories that connect with people on an emotional level, you can convince them to take action and buy what you’re selling, make sure all elements of your marketing plan are executed in a consistent manner so the main goal of factor people in marketing is to make sales.


  • Place 

When it comes to marketing place is the major factor, the right location of the market and choosing the right marketing channels is key. Once you have done that, focus on product quality and pricing so as to generate a profit, because all these tactics help grow the business over time.


The 5 P’s of marketing are product, price, place, promotion and people. with help of these factors, your business can reach new heights So if you are looking to increase sales or market your product more effectively then you should have to set up a proper marketing strategy or include the 5 P’s in the strategy.

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