Top 5 Photo Booth Trends You Should Consider In 2023

by Cameron Douglas
Photo Booth

According to industry experts, the global photo booth market is expected to grow profusely in the coming years. A recent prediction reveals that this market will likely see a CAGR of 9.7% between now and 2030. With this stat, it’s safe to say that more people will take advantage of the power of Los Angeles photo booth rental and other regions across the world.


In case you’re new to the term “photo booth,” it’s a stand-alone photo terminal that helps you and your visitors to take photos during your big events. With suitable photo booth technology, you won’t only be able to engage your visitors during your event. In addition, you’ll also get to promote your brand. In the rest of this post, we’ll discuss the top trends you can rely on when considering photo booth rental for weddings or corporate events in LA.

1.  Virtual photo booths

Are you considering hosting in-person events pretty soon? One challenge that your visitors may experience with this type of event is that they’ll have to wait in line to take pictures, especially if you have a lot of attendees. With virtual photo booths, you can easily address this issue.


Virtual photo booths allow you and your visitors to have access to the photo booth on their mobile devices. As such, the idea of waiting in line can be addressed. In addition, your visitors won’t have to wait to share photo booth props with themselves during your in-person event.

2.  360° Photo Booths

Photo Booth

Photo Booth

Another type of photo booth service that’s trending today is 360° photo booths. This technology comes with one-of-a-kind and immersive angles, which will enable you and your guest to take photos and share them on various social media platforms. Furthermore, 360° photo booths are effective for organizations to promote their brands. You can take advantage of their customization option to create a branded experience for your business.

3.  Glam Bot

Glam bot photo booths will also become very popular in 2023. With this high-tech photo tool, your visitors can always use its slow-motion effect to snap and take important photos of glamorous moments during your big event. The good news about this glam bot option is that photos captured are shareable on various social media platforms.


A glam bot photo booth is ideal for different kinds of occasions. Yes, you can use it as your wedding photo booth. You can also take advantage of it for your photo booth corporate event.

4.  Green screen booth

Green screen booths are ideal if you’re looking to make your big event extraordinary with improbable quality. One highlight of these photo booths is that they usually come with animated backgrounds. With this background, you can easily add creativity to your event. That said, green screen booths are most suitable for private events, trade shows, and corporate events.

5.  Black & white photo booth

Black and white photo booths are fully designed to deliver formal black and white color. This type of photo booth often comes with customized graphics and backgrounds. You can consider this option for your wedding event. It’ll provide you and your guests with a one-of-a-kind and memorable experience.

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