Places you can complete your Ohio real estate continuing education quickly in 2022

Real estate continuing education

by Cameron Douglas
real estate schools

Ohio real estate license needs to be renewed every three years by the date of your birthday. It requires the completion of a 30-hour continuing education every three years. Post-licensing requires 20 hours within the first year.

The renewal fee for sales agents is$182 and that for brokers is $243.

Below is a list of the real estate schools with continuing education packages.

1. McKissock learning. It is the best in providing packages.

• The normal price per person CE course is $20-$24.
• There are packages and subscriptions available
• The important elective course is helping buyers narrow in on their dream house.
• This learning institution has trained realtors for more than 30 years.
• It has membership options and high customer reviews.
• Some courses are challenging, and some perks are only accessible with membership.
• The CE membership is $220; it includes the CE courses, access to the webinar on-demand library, and a number of job tools.
• 30-hour broker renewal package with NAR ethics goes for $168.95. It is best to get a broker’s attributes high.
• 30-hour salesperson renewal package with NAR ethics $168.95. Includes the 30-hour CE courses issued with needed courses and optional ones.real estate schools
• It’s the best for those who have clear, brief, and easy-to-follow courses.

2. The CE Shop. The best mobile-friendly continuing education provider.

• The standard price per person in the CE course is $19-$25.
• There are no packages or subscriptions
• The important course is diversity: your mirror of clients
• Its learning is online and has a course platform that is simple to operate.
• It has a free five-day trial of its courses and features before you purchase.
• 21 hours Ohio CE optional package is$125. It contains a number of optional courses to complete your obligations.
• 9 hours Ohio CE mandatory package is $49. Contains the three necessary courses for sales and broker’s license renewal.
• 30 hour Ohio CE package is $169. Contains all 30 hours of CE combined in one appropriate bundle.
• You don’t stand a chance to choose your courses. The CE shop chooses them for you as a section of their package.
• This is the best when you are finishing the CE courses on the go.

3. Hondros College. It is the best for Livestream Ohio real estate CE provider.

• This is a local Ohio school that provides the best real estate education.
• The normal price per person CE course is $25-$40.
• There are packages and subscriptions available.
• Key course is marijuana legalization and the real estate department.
• They have formed a partnership with Colibri real estate to provide online courses and plan for Livestream sessions. This favors the learners because they can complete their learning from their homes.
• It has no membership options.
• 30-hour basics for success package is $169.
• 30 hours improved study areas package is $169
• 30-hour sales person CE package $199
• 30-hour real estate top topics package $199

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