Seven tips to help you pass the real estate exam that examiners don’t want you to know

Real estate exam that examiners

by Cameron Douglas
real estate exam
  1.   Whenever you are doing an exam, start by solving the questions that you have answers to.

It is advisable to begin the test by tackling the questions that you know the answers to and pass those that you don’t have answers to. This will prevent you from rushing to answer questions when you have a few minutes left. When you answer questions in a rush, you later find out that you answered the wrong way because you did not have time to contemplate the question before answering since you did not start with that familiar quiz.real estate exam

  1.   Predict answers before checking on the provided choices.

Examiners use deceptive language, which can contradict the person doing the exam. To avoid being confused by different answers in multiple-choice, always try to figure out the answer before checking the choices. By doing this, you can now eliminate those choices that do not match your prediction. The choice that matches your prediction has a higher probability of being the correct answer.

  1.   Do away with the wrong answers when it comes to the hard questions before proceeding to the next question.

If you get to a tricky question that you feel like you want to skip and attend to it later, make sure you do away with the choices that you know can’t be the answer. This step is important because:

Ø  First, you will give your instinct a chance to eliminate one or two answers for you, making the final answer easier to choose. It is said that listening to your first instinct directs you to the right path.

Ø  Secondly, you will get to solve the rest of the questions more effectively since you will have thought critically, opening your mind to solving difficult quizzes. Also, real estate license exam questions are common depending on buying or selling.

  1.   Make sure that you have attempted all the provided questions.

Answering all questions gives you a better chance of getting at least one point out of the four choices for those questions that you identify as challenging, and you just guessed the answers. Guessing the answer is better than leaving a question blank and unattended. The negative side of guessing an answer is just failing it, and the positive side is that you have a probability of one out of four of getting the question.real estate exam

  1.   Put in mind that there is only one correct answer

When having a challenge with a question, try to look for the wrong answers to eliminate other than looking for the correct answer because one correct answer might be more difficult to pick than the three wrong ones.

  1.   Use the question format to narrow down to the right answer.

Normally long and twisted questions will not have short and direct answers.

  1.   The grading system is either pass or fail. There is no added credit for better scores. 

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