What is Faux Leather, and how is it different from Real Leather?

by Cameron Douglas
synthetic leather

Learn about the differences between real leather and real leather. Discover the key distinctions between the two so you can choose the leather that’s best for you.


What is Faux Leather?


Faux leather is a fabric made from synthetic materials that imitate the look and feel of animal skin. It’s often used in clothing, accessories, and furniture to give them a more luxurious feel.


Faux leather comes in various forms, each with unique qualities and appearances. While some are more expensive, some are stronger or more water resistant.


Because it resembles genuine leather in appearance and feel but is considerably simpler to maintain than real leather, faux leather is frequently used in apparel and accessories. You can wear it more regularly without worrying about destroying it or treating it like a regular leather product because it doesn’t require that kind of care.


Faux leather also includes synthetic leather, although synthetic leather is constructed of synthetic components rather than actual animal skin. It can be more economical and simpler to create, but it is less resilient than faux leather.

 Real leather vs. Faux leather


Faux leather is a synthetic material frequently used to mimic the look and feel of real leather. Real leather is created from the skin of a cow or calf.


Real leather is stronger and more long-lasting than faux leather. Compared to most artificial materials, it smells better and appears more natural. Genuine leather doesn’t need any particular maintenance; you can wipe it down with a towel. Faux leather requires specific care to prevent cracking and stretching out of shape.


Real leather costs more than most faux materials, but it’s worth it because it lasts longer and has a more luxurious appearance than any other material.




Faux leather isn’t the same as real leather, to put it simply. The quality, color, and scent are different. Real leather has a distinctive aroma that can only be obtained by treating it according to tried-and-true procedures. Try imitation leather instead if you’re seeking a substitute to make your fashion statement stand out from the crowd while still making you feel comfortable.


This realization will also protect your pocketbook should you go shopping again shortly.


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