Main Reasons Why Your Leads Are Not Calling Back And The Solution For Each


by Cameron Douglas
lead generation strategy

When you work on a lead generation strategy but you are not getting any calls or texts asking for more information is a clear illustration that there is where you are going wrong. This guide is for helping you increase the chances of getting feedback on your calls.

1. They have unclear information about the market. They lack a better understanding of the increase in interest rates and decline in the stock market.
Solution: understand how you can get them to discuss with you the real estate and how you will transact. Call to inform and educate them about the market or empathize with them and understand what they are going through, then try to communicate the advantages of purchasing real estate.

2. Lack of a call to action on your email and voicemails. The lack of this makes leads think that you were calling just to check-in.
Correct this by always leaving a convincing call to action in your voicemails, emails, and texts. This will enable your leads to know when and how to reach out for more information.lead generation strategy

3. Lack of mentioning how you got hold of their number can be a big red flag. Everyone hates cold calls, no matter how badly they need your help. They end up deleting the number.
Solve this by introducing yourself and saying where you got their number from.

4. Taking too long to follow up. Waiting too long to contact them decreases the chances of you getting to talk to them when they can really talk or when they are free.
Correct this by calling them as soon as you can. Even when you are with your clients, you can excuse yourself to take a call.

5. Lack of confidence in your voice while speaking. To avoid this, make sure you call your clients after a warm-up, try walking around when talking to your leads, practice your script, know the main objection handlers, and know how to answer questions.

6. Lack of creating a personal connection. Avoid working hard on selling without creating a relationship with your client

7. Wrong pronunciation of your lead’s name. If this happens, you can’t do anything to correct it other than just follow up

8. Not leaving a voicemail. You have zero chances of getting a call from your leads when you just left a few seconds of silence as a voicemail. Leave a voicemail telling them who you are, what the call was about, and how you got their contact.

9. They are working with a better agent. You can try to get them to just say it and then tell them that you are available if they need any help or another opinion or mention important market updates.

10. Calling late at night. Correct this by trying to reach them at a more sociable hour

11. Lack of enough social proof to make you seem serious. Ensure you have more to show on your website.

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