17 amusing real estate door hanger ideas that motivates

by Cameron Douglas
property with less expenses

This is an amazing way to advertise your property with less expenses. It helps you get to the neighbors of the area where you are an agent and has a huge return on investment. This hangers are in variety and can be customized to the desired colors and templates.

  1. Why keep on renting? Customize a door hanger that show you are ready to convert renter to buyer and home owners. You can add a seminar idea on the hangers this will be a perfect way of stirring up the rental market.
  2. Your neighbor’s house has just been sold. This stylish hanger shows your professionalism. It show that you are aware of the neighborhood.
  3. Welcome to our open house. This type of a door hanger will draw more visitors to the open house marketing. Hung this on doors of your neighbors and they will be excited about the invitation.
  4. Happy holidays. This type of hangers are simple but stylish. They look like holiday cards and not the annoying marketing cards. They help you to stand out and make you familiar to your clients and this creates a chance of them checking you out when they finally decide to hire a ral estate agent.
  5. Fall in love. This type of hangers creates reasons of selling your homes on fall.
  6. Fireside chat. This kind looks like Christmas cards. They will make you stand out and everyone loves holiday’s season so definitely they will love the tag and this will get them motivated and inspired on getting such a home.property with less expenses
  7. What does a house wear? Everyone loves jokes, this hanger will have them giggle and develop interest in knowing more.
  8. You are invited. This hanger can be customized using Canva. You can add your photos, colors and more. The title itself gets the attention of the reader and they want to know what the invitation is about.
  9. Hey neighbor. This type of hangers can be paired with business cards and when the clints need the service they will be aware of where to find you.
  10. Not just a neighbor. This are in a house shape and have a space for your business card.
  11. Home seller checklist. This elegant hanger contains information and tips that can help a home seller when followed.
  12. Just listed. It has information on both sides and communicate effectively.
  13. I’m your neighbor. This is in a house shaped hunger, detailed in a way that the word neighbor stands out.
  14. You thinking about buying or selling? This hunger hits the nail on the head. It directly shows you want to talk business around your neighborhood.
  15. The holidays in your dream house. Take advantage of holiday seasons and customize some hungers. They are colorful, playful and gets direct to the point. This will motivate clients and you will get results in later months.
  16. Tis the season
  17. Home for the holidays.

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